Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surrounded by zee dogs, drinking zee crappy wine with me honee

Ok, so, blogging hasn't been my forte this month. Sue me. Things are calm, things are good, I'm off next week to be around while Jersey recovers from being spayed. Hopefully it will calm her down a bit!
Today I submitted my proposal to Grad School. Now we sit and wait.

J and I are going to see Jesse Cook (again!), if he is coming to your area he is SO worth seeing live.
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  1. grad school, fingers AND toes crossed. good luck with jersey.

  2. Good luck! Oh the agony of waiting... :)

  3. thanks all... there was a comment from dawg too, i hit publish but wtf? it's gone.... dawg, i'm cracking a beer at 5:30 central time, be there or be square