Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's 8:30 on a Thursday morning and I am still in my pyjamas...

....oh what a glorious feeling...
I'm off work until Tuesday. The weather has been crappy, we had snow the other day. SNOW. It is gone now, but it was enough of a sign that we should go into hibernation for a few days. There are a few simple steps to follow when going into hibernation.
1) Book several days off work. This allows for optimal lounging time
2)Rent enough movies to feel like you are doing something wrong, especially when opting for the 2-vs-5-day rental from Blockbuster
3) Remove mattress from bedroom, add to living room. Set up movie viewing area, complete with closed blinds, bags of candy and a bowl of popcorn larger than your head
4) Take the dog for a good long walk to wear him out
5) Come home and change back into pj's, curl up with your woman, and hit play on the dvd player

Ah... sweet lazy days...

Ok, so, that was the plan for today, but I don't know if that is going to happen. It is an impossibly gorgeous day. We live very close to the creek and there are walking/bike paths that go right along it-- I'm glad for that because I miss the ocean like crazy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Same streets, different eyes

I grew up in this city. We moved here 7 months ago, after years of living on the west coast. Once I finally finished my B.A. we decided to move to the prairies because at least here we can buy a house-- so here we are, surrounded by my family and living in this city that was at one time all I knew as home.
I am a very different person than I was when I left here over 7 years ago. One of the hardest things about moving back here is that my old life collides with the current one, over and over again. People I haven't seen for years seem to expect me to be who I was then-- or maybe it has nothing to do with their expectations and everything to do with who I think they knew me to be, and what I think of that person I was.
Of course there is good, too, but it is odd how the idea of home shifts. I took me longer than J to adjust to living here, I kept thinking of Vancouver Island as home, and in some ways I still do. As we settle in though I know that I will look around one day and realize that this city has become home again.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wait, wait, waiting... wait, no, stop waiting.

I'm waiting for my brand new stove to arrive, how exciting is that? I'm going to bake up a storm and maybe throw in a casserole or two.

J and I have just bought our first house, moved to the snowy prairies from the gorgeous west coast to be able to do it-- it has been our dream for 7 years-- and we've finally, finally made it.

So here we are, into this new phase. I feel like now that we've been through all of the craziness of buying a house we can just focus on the rest of life. I want to do more for myself-- I want to try metal work, J wants to try glasswork. I have always felt like I am always waiting for something, I've been trying to get past this. As J says, I tend to live in the future... Like now, when I'm thinking, I wonder if I will actually keep up with a blog?

We purposefully didn't get a tv because tv is boring. Everything we want to watch is on the internet-- but now need two computers because J likes to watch videos (and was very happy when I bookmarked for her) and I like to read the blogs. I think some of them are a bit much... are people trying to make their lives an episode of The L Word or what? But then I find other blogs like this one and I think, huh, I wish people like that lived in my neighbourhood. Or maybe they do... (umm, if you recognize the house, come by and introduce yourself, ok?) They certainly aren't a certain neighbour who I met last Sunday when I (sporting what else but bed head and cosy pants) went to take Jake for a walk andthe neighbour asked whether my 'husband' and I had moved in. When I told her that it was my partner and said J's name, she paused... and thought... and thought... and said "Two girls?" to which I replied, "Uh huh." Good thing I hadn't said wife, she mighta had a heart attack...

Ahh, J has arrived home with pizza and wine. All is well in my world.