Saturday, April 18, 2009

Same streets, different eyes

I grew up in this city. We moved here 7 months ago, after years of living on the west coast. Once I finally finished my B.A. we decided to move to the prairies because at least here we can buy a house-- so here we are, surrounded by my family and living in this city that was at one time all I knew as home.
I am a very different person than I was when I left here over 7 years ago. One of the hardest things about moving back here is that my old life collides with the current one, over and over again. People I haven't seen for years seem to expect me to be who I was then-- or maybe it has nothing to do with their expectations and everything to do with who I think they knew me to be, and what I think of that person I was.
Of course there is good, too, but it is odd how the idea of home shifts. I took me longer than J to adjust to living here, I kept thinking of Vancouver Island as home, and in some ways I still do. As we settle in though I know that I will look around one day and realize that this city has become home again.

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