Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ease & Flow

We're now in week 16 and boy has my belly grown this past week! Pregnancy feels nothing like I thought it would- all the stretching and growing is very odd.

Last year I had talked about how J and I have the tradition of each picking a word for the new year. The year absolutely flew by... and here we are again. For the first time we both had a harder time choosing words. I didn't want to just choose and obvious one like 'birth', 'love' and 'joy', although all of those are appropriate. In the end, I didn't choose my word until this morning, I picked 'flow' as in, go with it! I worry too much, I think too much, and I am not very good at just living in the moment, so this year I am going to give myself permission to be myself without worrying, live my life without judging, let myself be imperfect without self-criticism, and let the good things come as they may.

J chose 'ease'... I thought it was a brilliant choice.