Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wait, wait, waiting... wait, no, stop waiting.

I'm waiting for my brand new stove to arrive, how exciting is that? I'm going to bake up a storm and maybe throw in a casserole or two.

J and I have just bought our first house, moved to the snowy prairies from the gorgeous west coast to be able to do it-- it has been our dream for 7 years-- and we've finally, finally made it.

So here we are, into this new phase. I feel like now that we've been through all of the craziness of buying a house we can just focus on the rest of life. I want to do more for myself-- I want to try metal work, J wants to try glasswork. I have always felt like I am always waiting for something, I've been trying to get past this. As J says, I tend to live in the future... Like now, when I'm thinking, I wonder if I will actually keep up with a blog?

We purposefully didn't get a tv because tv is boring. Everything we want to watch is on the internet-- but now need two computers because J likes to watch videos (and was very happy when I bookmarked for her) and I like to read the blogs. I think some of them are a bit much... are people trying to make their lives an episode of The L Word or what? But then I find other blogs like this one and I think, huh, I wish people like that lived in my neighbourhood. Or maybe they do... (umm, if you recognize the house, come by and introduce yourself, ok?) They certainly aren't a certain neighbour who I met last Sunday when I (sporting what else but bed head and cosy pants) went to take Jake for a walk andthe neighbour asked whether my 'husband' and I had moved in. When I told her that it was my partner and said J's name, she paused... and thought... and thought... and said "Two girls?" to which I replied, "Uh huh." Good thing I hadn't said wife, she mighta had a heart attack...

Ahh, J has arrived home with pizza and wine. All is well in my world.


  1. hahahahaha -- "Two girls??"

    She's obviously been living in a cave.