Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mid afternoon blogging

Ah, yes, the Tuesday-mid-afternoon-blog. These are things that make me smile. Most times I can't be bothered to sit at the computer and write after a day of doing just that at work. I am off this week as our pup (who now weighs 43 pounds at 6 mos, and weighed just 20 at 4 mos) is at the vet getting spayed. I took the time off to watch over her and her stitches-- she is a very active puppy and I imagine she'd be a prime candidate for ripping them out.

I am trying out a gluten free diet to see if I am celiac. Anyone have any tips to keep things interesting? I'm a vegetarian so the options are limited.


  1. Quinoa, its awesome, full of protein, and glueten free! :)

  2. gluten free vegetarian? seriously?

    I see I need to kidnap you and feed you real food. Uh huh. I'll be sending my mafia bitches shortly.

  3. awwww look at the three cuties. ;)

  4. My daughter has Down syndrome and Celiac Disease...I can send you some great vegetarian celiac web sites. It's all trial and error...