Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things I like and things I don't like...

Like: (love) J an I were going through pictures and videos and I came across this one. I took it almost a year ago-- J and I were in the U-Haul moving from Vancouver Island, the video was taken just after getting off the ferry coming in to Vancouver. J has that 'get that camera off of me' look. Cute.
video removed

Don't like: Today my sister-in-law, A, brought home her 'Betty' dolls (she's in school to become a stylist), and I am thinking that they need to be locked away before I can go to sleep tonight. See below: Simon and the Betty dolls; A and the Betty dolls... I'm so completely creeped out by these things, especially that they have REAL HUMAN HAIR on their heads.


  1. nope don't like the heads.... the real head in with them creeped me out- not the person just that there is a real head in there and i almost missed it.

  2. I know, freaky. Can't stand watching her brush and braid their hair. *shudder*

  3. Video was cute. Heads are.... there aren't even words for those things. I wouldn't even let that in my house....LMAO

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