Monday, June 22, 2009


Part of me is disgusted with myself, and part of me is disappointed with society, and the rest of me is completely fed up with the L key on my laptop that all of a sudden is sticking ike, I mean, like, crazy.
So Saturday was pride in my little prairie town. We looked forward to it, planned for it, got up and walked downtown for it... oh, what a tiny little gathering there was. Next year we'll be joining Dawg's crew in Toronto. My first instinct was to bail, and the rest of me was thinking, well, someone has to march, right? The last time we went to pride was 5 years ago, and we thought that one was pretty small. We ended up walking in the parade by accident-- not only that but we ended up walking with the group carrying the banner 'Senior's Pride' and I walked next to a woman driving a scooter. I digress...
I guess I shouldn't have expected so much. Pride isn't advertised here, and if I want to go to a big parade I guess we should go to Toronto or Vancouver. I didn't manage to get the courage to join the parade, and J and A were happy not to join either. So we went to one of our favorite little pubs and had our own little pride celebration...
This is likely the one and only time that J will allow me to put a picture of her up on my blog. I am relishing the moment. Rel-ish-ing.


  1. Sometimes a gathering at a pub is best. I've always liked small groups....LOL

    Very nice pic

  2. First - I OVE the pic. ike, ove ove. Fabuous picture. (who needs an l key)

    Second - Senior Pride? That's a hilarious thought, but really quite amazing when I think about it.
    We live in FL, the land of the retired and most of them shutter at the thought of Pride or just don't even know it is.

    Good things can happen in a pub.

  3. How cute are you two!!! Love the pic (and am hoping positive reinforcement will lead to more photos!)

  4. you two are cute. more pics are in order on occasion. I'm glad you had a decent time.