Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mmmm.... Saturday.

My cats like boxes... all types. Simon managed to squeeze himself into this one.... Kale looks on in box envy.
You can see my butter churner in the background, it is my prized piece in my home, belonged to my great grandma. My great uncle put a motor on it for her at some point, parts of it are still there.

J and her sister A are in the kitchen making Saturday breakfast. It has been a busy few weeks, A has been living with us for about a month now & will be with us for about a year, and their dad is also here helping J build front and back decks, a side gate, and lay the new flooring in the bathroom and kitchen. Full house, lots of work (and lots of beer!).
Today is a glorious Saturday. I picked chives from the garden to go in the home fries with brekkie-- I loooove this time of year.
It has been a few years since I've had a veggie garden, and the weather has been so awful that it is not growing very well, but hey... I see beets, lettuce, onions and lots of rhubarb so far.
So here is to Saturday, I hope you're all getting the gorgeous sun that we are going to have today (I have nothing to back this up but my fingers are crossed)...

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