Friday, February 12, 2010

I stole this

I stole this from Aneke who is so lucky to be At the edge of the ocean

If you can't fight

and you can't flee


Robert Elliot

I have been treading water in the past 7 weeks. I started an MA, I work full-time, and wanted to join a committee but ended up co-chairing one of the sub-committees (time consuming but worth it, it is the organization of a camp for queer youth).
So, I have been busy and self-doubting, I even started reading a self-help book. Not my style but I needed something. So here I am reading Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway! I'll admit that it is helping.
My first class this semester is an undergrad/grad hybrid. 40 undergrads and 2 grad students including me. The other grad student is well in to her program and I am working my butt off to feel like I am keeping up! I have to do a presentation on the opening sequence to True Blood, and link it to the class readings. This would be ok except Fine Arts is not my background and the class is full of 3rd & 4th year film students. Bah!
A few weeks after that the other grad student and I have to present a 3 hour lecture, likely on the L Word.
I hate public speaking.
Flow flow flow flow flow flow flow.

ps.... I am in the Library. Got here early and got a great, quiet, comfy spot. Now some guy is here sharing my table, chewing his fucking gum and I am about to lose it on him. How can you chew your gum with your mouth closed and still make so much slobbery noise?

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  1. It makes you think of things in a different way, doesn't it?


    Let us know how it goes :)