Friday, September 11, 2009


What happened to this week?
I was out watering the gardens tonight and when I opened the gate to the front yard I saw this on the fence...
I have always loved ladybugs and they are EVERYWHERE in my yard. In the spring our yard was overrun with them, I'm talking hundreds. Love it.


  1. This is cute, the front one looks like he is telling a secret to the others. :)

  2. i think there is a critter that looks like the lady bug but isn't and the non-lady bug can be a real pest?? maybe someone else can help me out.... i was told this years ago...? not sure on the truth.

  3. pest shmest-- I always smile when I see them :)I see them here and there in the house.

  4. little lady bugs always make me smile and if one wonders into the house, she becomes a definite save, retrieve and place back outside.