Friday, August 14, 2009

The evolution of the cell phone

My brother was cleaning out his garage and found a collection of old cell phones... my favorite was the one bigger than a modern cordless. Remember the days when a colour screen on a cell phone was the next big thing? (Or remember when no one had cell phones at all and everyone had a rotary phone on the kitchen wall!?)


  1. Damn, look at that. Funny!
    Crazy eh? To think we used to function without cell phones ...

  2. It's amazing how we need the instant ability to be connected with people.

    I remember the 3lb cordless phones oh and remember pagers?? What I hate seeing these days are the people who walk around with the plug in their ear. Just looks too dorky for me.

  3. LOL that very first one, the huge one, looks exacty like my first celly, and yes it sucked!

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