Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here's to the women....

J's mom is in town. The other night J pulled out a large blank canvas (our home is filled with home-made art) and she and her mom decided to create a monochromatic painting together. J chose green as the colour ('cause it was supposed to go in our kitchen which we are painting a great shade called 'goblin green'--love it!)
J and her mom got to work on the painting. Then my parents dropped by, which was momentous in itself (my dad lives overseas and I don't see him much). Then my mom joined in on the painting action, and I grabbed the last blank corner... et voila... a painting created by me, my wife and our mothers.


  1. That is amazing - is it still going in the kitchen.
    We're big believers in homemade art to brighten our walls, but it usually comes from the children.
    I love this painting.

  2. Margo-- nope, ended up being too big. It's on a wall in the hallway.Give the painting a try yourselves! You'll be surprised... :)

  3. That is awesome!! I love it!!! so unique too! You guys did an amazing job! OOHH make me one the same and I will put it in my living room ;-) (JK)

  4. The painting is absolutely super. I imagine the experience was as well. Nice job!